Changes to Direct Debit Billing - Coming Soon

As of Thursday 17 August, all members on direct debit memberships will be billed on a Thursday fortnightly cycle. This means majority of members will see a change to the date they are debited.

To make this change seamless, we are wanting to advise you of an adjustment period that is required to get all members debited on the new date cycle.

Here’s what you need to know:

  •  Up until Friday 4 August 2023 members will be debited as per the current arrangement. Friday 4 August will be the last day members get billed on days that are not concurrent with the new Thursday fortnightly cycle.
  • Debits due between 5 – 16 August will be held and rescheduled to Thursday 17 August which will be the first day all members get charged on the same day. There will be no disruption to the access of services during the change.
  • On Thursday 17 August, any debits that were held between 5 – 16 August will be charged, as well as the usual 2 week in advance payment. Please ensure there are sufficient funds in your account on 17 August.
  • From Thursday 17 August, billing will occur every fortnight. For example, the billing dates to follow will be Thursday 31 August, Thursday 14 September, Thursday 28 September and so on.

Why are we making this change?

This change will ensure a much more efficient approach to direct debit management which will allow us to support you in managing your membership with clearer communication and processing times. This will be particularly beneficial for any person who has more than (1) service attached to their account with all services being debited on the same day rather than the day a particular service commenced. For example, a parent with two or more children enrolled in learn to swim classes or a family who use the gym under one account will be charged on the same day, rather than different days depending on when the person or service started.

Important update: As of Thursday 17 August, a transaction fee of 50c per transaction for Bank Account of 1.65% for Visa/Mastercard will be charged with each transaction however, regular memberships fees will remain the same with no charges. For example, if your membership rate is $42 per fortnight and you provided your BSB and Account Number when you set up your membership, you will be charged $42.50 per fortnight.

Revised Terms and Conditions:
In line with the changes listed above, we’ve revised our general membership terms and conditions. These changes will be applicable from Tuesday 8 August. View the new Terms and Conditions here.

For any questions or queries related to the above, please email memberships@unswfac.com.au and one of our team members will get back to you.