Aquatic FAQs


How much does Learn to Swim classes cost?

$38 per fortnight

What level will my child be in?

If your child is not beginner then we will need to do a short assessment (it only takes few minutes). This assessment can be completed on Tuesday to Friday any time between 9.30 am and 4.30 pm and Saturdays between 9am to 12pm.

Will the parent need to hop in the water?

We require a parent to be in the water for the following classes:

Tadpole (6-18 month)
Frog (18-32 month)
Lobster (Transition level)

How long do the lessons go for?

All Learn to swim lessons go for 30 minutes

How many children in the class?

To provide you with the best standard and experience the maximum capacity for each class is as below.

Goldfish, Starfish, Octopus and Seahorse – max 4
Marlin and Seal – max 6
Bronze Squad – max 8
Silver Squad – max 10
Gold squad – max 12

What happens when I miss a lesson due to illness? Do you do make-up classes?

Yes, as long as we know in advance and mark you absent in our system. Please note that following rules apply for makeup:

We cannot book makeup further than a week in advance
We cannot book make up if you notify us after missing the session
We keep the right to ask for doctor certificate if necessary
We do not guarantee the makeup and we will do our best to accommodate this

Can I drop my child off for their lessons and then leave the centre?

No, based on RLSSA guidelines all children under 16 years old must be supervised with their parents at all times. Children without an adult will not be permitted to participate in lessons.

Can we play before or after the lesson?

Yes, however due to Covid-19 restrictions there may be instances where we might ask if you could exit the facility to allow other patrons with lessons to enter, if there are capacity restrictions.

When is a student’s progress assessed?

This is an ongoing process and our deck supervisor will be assessing swimmers and recording their progress on a regular bases.

How long will it take for my child to progress to the next level?

This varies from one child to another. Promotions are subject to criteria of each level and not the length of participation however if a student doesn’t make any progress in few terms, this should be flagged and individual assessment will be offered.

Can we enrol for lessons at any time?

Yes, subject to availability. Our programs typically run on weekday 3.30pm – 7pm and weekend 8am-12pm

What qualifications and checks do teachers have?

All our teachers have either of AUSTSWIM or SWIM AUSTRALIA qualification which qualifies them to teach nationwide. Teachers also hold valid police checks and Working with Children checks which are a  mandatory part of Clublinks hiring process.

Will there be a lifeguard on duty?

Yes, we always have a qualified Pool Lifeguard on duty to maximise the safety for your loved ones.

Is the pool heated?

Yes, our pool temperature varies between 28-29 degrees Celsius.

What do we need to bring?

Please bring an appropriate swimming costume (swimming nappy for all children below the age of 3) and towel. We would also recommend swimmers bring a rash shirt and goggles for maximum comfort in the water.

Does my child need goggles?

It is highly recommended but not mandatory.

Can I take photos/videos of my child in their swimming lesson?

Yes, however please be respectful of other patrons in the facility and respect other parent’s wishes should they ask that their child not be included in photos / videos.


How will I know what level to enrol into?

If you have done squad in the past, the duration of that squad will help you know which squad you fit in otherwise a quick assessment could be arranged.

The following lengths of each squad session might be a helpful indicator:

Bronze squad 45minutes
Silver squad 60minutes
Gold Squad 90 minutes

What are the costs for squads?

$16 per session with multi-buy discounts available (10% off for second and 15% for third session).

Is there a booking system for squads or do I just turn up?

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, it is advised that all activities and programs have prior bookings. Members who turn up on the day could join the program if there is a spot available, however it is recommended a booking is made prior.

This can be done easily by contacting us.