The importance of staying active in winter

Winter is coming!

But that doesn’t mean you need to retreat and run away from your swimming lessons.

People generally tend to drop off from exercising during winter, which is mainly due to the cold temperatures and your body telling you to stay inside and be warm! This can be understandable for activities that take place outside, however, our indoor pool will help keep you away from the harsh winter air.

In fact, the air temperature at our FAC Aquatic Centre remains above 27 degrees! We couldn’t think of a better place to be during those cold mornings. I bet your bed came to mind just then, however, it is important to continue your exercise regime through the next few months. So, if you are looking to stay healthy and fit, swimming is the perfect activity during the cooler months of the year.

Not only will it help you stay warm, swimming is key to keeping your immune system functioning at its best. It can improve circulation, reduce inflammation, and help produce antibodies. You’re more likely to catch a cold or flu during winter, so improving your immune system is vital to keeping your body happy and healthy.

According to the Raising Children organisation, ‘Young children get a lot of colds because they haven’t had a chance to build up immunity to the many viruses that cause colds.” This is why it is important to continue your children’s lessons over winter to continue their antibody production.

Plus, the best thing about swimming as a leisure activity is that it never gets called off due to poor weather. So, if you are looking for a consistent form of exercise that will help you reach your health and lifestyle goals, swimming is the answer.

IPRS Health states that, ‘Swimming is considered a great anxiety reliever. Evidence suggests it is also effective in reducing the symptoms of depression in both adults and children due to the rhythmic breathing used while swimming.’

Many of us can feel down or gloomy during the colder winter months, so why not make a change this year and stick with your swimming lessons to help improve your mood and reduce the stresses of your day.

The last important factor to consider is being able to maintain your current progress. Skill progression doesn’t stop over winter, so why lose all of that hard work that you have achieved so far!

The next thing you know we’ll be in summer and your confidence in the pool will be at an all time high.


Stick with it!