Learn to Swim

UNSW Fitness & Aquatic Centre has Learn to Swim classes for people of all ages and abilities. An outline of the curriculum is detailed below.

As we offer a personalised swim school experience, prior to commencing classes, would-be swimmers are invited to complete a short in-person assessment, to determine their comfort level and current aptitude with the water. From there, the most appropriate level in which to begin is determine.

This assessment takes only 5 minutes and can be completed Monday – Friday, between 3.30pm – 6.00pm with no appointment necessary, simply arrive and ask to speak to our swim school representative.
Please bring appropriate swimwear. All assessments are free of charge.

Our Learn to Swim program runs all year round and enrolments continue perpetually. Programs only break during the end of year holiday period and on public holidays. We automatically pause charges for public holidays. We communicate with our members via email notifying of any breaks to the program.

Below is a description of each of the LTS program levels, dependent on age and ability level. Unsure which category you or your child might fit into? Don’t worry – the initial assessment will provide guidance on where your swim journey will start.

Learn to Swim Levels & Outcomes

Babies & Toddlers

(Ages 6 – 36mths)

Length of Class: 30mins
Cost: $38/fortnight

Tadpole (Babies from 6 – 18mths)

Frog (Toddlers from 18 – 36mths)

This program is highly focused on water familiarisation and bonding between parent and baby. Parents are in the water with bub and we highly recommend both wear a swim rash shirt or wetsuit.



This level is for babies and toddlers who develop their swimming skills fast but are still dependent on their parent, particularly those that might experience separation anxiety when left in the class without their parents in the water.In this level the focus is on building the relationship between your child and the instructor and gradually getting parents out of the water. The focus is on making pool time fun and enjoyable for your child, whilst learning valuable skills that will keep them safe.

Pre School

(Under 5 years)

Length: 30mins
Cost: $38/fortnight

The following details the six-level process our dedicated teachers utilise when engaging your child in learning how to swim. Some children will move through levels faster than others and that’s ok, we will tailor their development journey to suit their needs.


Students will learn all water familiarisation and basic swimming skills such as how to blow bubbles and float on their back and front. These basic skills are integral for technique development so all students will need to have mastered these skills before progressing.


Students will learn more advanced breathing and floatation plus basic freestyle and backstroke kick. The focus in this level is building up confidence in submersion and ensuring a streamlined body position.

Learn to Swim – School Age

(+5 years)

Length: 30mins
Cost: $38/fortnight


Students will learn water familiarisation and how to float on their front and back independently.


Students will learn basic freestyle, blowing bubbles and how to dive from kneeling position.


Students will learn correct breathing technique for freestyle and correct timing for backstroke also basic breaststroke kicks are introduced in this level


In this level students will learn how to swim 25m Freestyle and Backstroke with correct technique. The focus of this level is on correct Breaststroke kick. Breaststroke arms are also introduced in this level.


In this level students will develop their stamina as they swim 50m of Freestyle and Backstroke and 25m of Breaststroke with correct technique. The focus of this level is on Breaststroke timing and correct dolphin kick.


This is the last level of LTS and students will progress to our squads. In this level they should be able to swim all 4 strokes with correct technique. Distance or timing is not the matter of attention for this group however focus will be on all squad related skills such as tumble turn, standing dive, etc.