Group Fitness

Join one of our group fitness classes and have fun working out. UNSW Fitness & Aquatic Centre is a great community of people who share your goals of looking and feeling fantastic. Our trainers will support you and help keep you accountable to meet your fitness goals. So bring along a fitness buddy and come workout with us today!

We have a variety of group fitness classes on offer – so there’s sure to be something for everyone:

Class Name Duration About the Class Intensity Fitness Level
Aqua 45 mins Low impact and high reward! Our shallow end aquatic fitness classes are designed to improve flexbility, strength, cardiovascular endurance and range of motion – all using water as the source of resistance. No swimming skills needed! Moderate All levels
Boxing 45 mins Let off some steam and smash out a boxing class – A fusion of cardio and conditioning work designed to burn through a high volume of calories while learning combinations and technical boxing skills. Moderate – High Intermediate – Advanced
Core 30 30 mins An express ab blast to get your core really sore. Develop a strong mid section in a minimal amount of time. Whether it’s before your workout, after your workout – Or the only workout you do in the day. You will reap the benefits! High Intermediate – Advanced
Strength 45 45 mins A workout focussed on time under tension. Get your strength workout DONE while learning the technical High Intermediate – Advanced
Osteo-Fit 60 mins Osteo-Fit is a 60-minute functional class delivered by our inhouse Exercise Physiologist, derived from high-quality evidence. Designed for over 55-year-olds, this program is specifically tailored to target specific muscle groups important for daily function and independence as well as to load joints that are at greatest risk of fracture. Private Health insurance or My Aged Care Plan rebates available Low – Moderate All levels
HIIT 30 30 mins High Intensity Interval Training. Rapidly improve cardiovascular output and increase lean muscle mass with this heart pumping workout. Expect challenging fast rounds and a variety of testing workouts. High Intermediate – Advanced
Pilates 45 mins Pilates exercises are aimed at strengthening muscles, suppleness, and co-ordination. Utilizing bodyweight exercises for a strong core, better posture alignment, increased flexibility, and improved muscle tone. Low All levels
Yoga 45 mins Connecting your mind and body, focus on the awareness of breathing through movements as you are guided through Vinyassa sequences. This class will have your mind and body rested, tested and ready to tackle the day to day challenges of life. Low All levels
Zumba 45 mins Zumba is a fitness program that combines Latin and international music with dance moves. Routines incorporate interval training – alternating fast and slow rhythms – to help improve cardiovascular fitness. It’s fun. The more you enjoy your exercise routine, the more likely you are to stick with it. Low – Moderate All levels
Better Strength Our Better Strength program will see you test yourself on a range of pin-loaded machines with the guidance and support of our coaches. This class is great for those who want to stay accountable while learning how to use machines for maximum benefit – including weight choice, range of motion and seat positioning. Low-Moderate All Levels
Pumped 45 mins A barbell based workout that challenges all your major muscle groups through a variety of sets, repetitions and weights. The class will incorporate exercises like squats, presses, lifts, and curls. Great music and to inspire you to get the results you want. The benefit? Muscle activation, toning and fat burning. Low – Moderate All levels
Cycle 45 mins Boost your cardiovascular and muscular endurance! Power through hills, flats and mountain peaks to upbeat tunes in our dedicated cycle studio. High Intermediate – Advanced
Cardio-Fit 45 mins Cardio-Fit will offer you 45 minutes of low impact (great for the joints), gentle (but enough to get your heart pumping) and fun (there will be music and great company) aerobic exercise and light, high volume accessory work that will get the whole body working. Moderate All levels