Exercise Physiology Fees & Services

*Special Offer – 30 minute Lockdown Telehealth consult*
Maintain your gain while in lockdown with our team of expert exercise physiologists who can provide support and guidance to continue on your fitness journey. Enjoy a 30 minute telehealth consult which can help guide you through the challenges of lockdown and provide alternate exercise solutions. $50 introductory offer
If you’re interested in taking part in this intro offer, click here.

Private Consultation – 30 minutes
An AEP can see patients without a referral. The individual can claim through their private health fund if they have Exercise Physiology cover.
$80 (may be eligible for a rebate from your Private Health Fund depending on cover type)

Medicare Consultation – 30 minutes
Patients can be seen under the Medicare system with a Team Care Arrangement from their GP, which appointments are subsidised by the Medicare Scheme. This is limited to 5 appointments per calendar year and can be shared among allied health providers.

NDIS – 30 minutes
Services can be provided for those who have NDIS funding.